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83 Countries Invited to Submit Foreign Language Films for 2006 Oscar®
Entry forms must be received at the Academy by Monday, October 2, 2006, and film prints must be received by Friday, October 13. Only one picture will be accepted from each country.     more..
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Nepal Film Producer's Association (NFPA), was established in 1998 when it became inevitable to protect Nepali cinema and assert itself amidst both healthy and unhealthy competition in the sector. It is the sole organization of Nepali film producers. Currently, it has 317 members and a 17-member working committee. The central working committee is elected by a general convention every two years.

NFPA from its very inception has been working for the development and promotion of Nepali films. It is aware that the present is a very crucial period for Nepali cinema. Thus, guided by a clear vision and well-defined objectives, NFPA is all set to take concrete and proactive steps for the development and promotion of Nepali cinema.







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