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From the Chairperson's Desk
Though filmmaking in Nepal started some forty years back, during the initial two decades, only a handful of films were made and that too only by the state (except one, the making of which seems a mere coincident). Films from private sector began to be made only a little more than two decades back.

But in about two decades, leaving aside non-fiction, we have made about four hundred feature films. That, by any standard, is not a small feat. All these years, we have been able to persist, if not flourish. Even during the recent dreadful years, when the Maoists waged the most violent war to date in the country's history, resulting in widespread insecurity and financial stagnation, leading to the closure of most of the halls throughout the country, we refused to give up and continued making films.

There is no doubt that Nepali films have come a long way.

But this does not mean Nepali films have no space for improvement or that we should be content with what we have. Particularly, it has become inevitable that Nepali films get international exposure, and gradually make a niche for itself in the international market. Today, when filmmaking is getting more and more global, breaking down national barriers, Nepali films cannot afford to limit itself within the national boundary.

And NFPA is all set to take concrete and proactive steps in this regard.

Even at home, by and large, audience for Nepali films has been limited to just one section of Nepali society. This is because we have not been able to make films that can match the sensibility of a large chunk of audience. There is no doubt that Nepali films have to improve their quality, both in terms of craft and content.

After all the violence and turmoil, our country is heading towards the threshold of a new era. We must utilize this new-found opportunity to address the problems and weaknesses that exist in the film industry and to explore newer avenues. If we do not do so now, we can blame nobody but ourselves when things get worse later. We must also realize that time will not wait for us if we do not act quickly.

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