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Dobato is a women-oriented film. Our society is still conservative and superstitious. In the film there is Rajani whose husband dies just after she gets married. Though she is innocent, she is blamed for his death. The society ostracizes her and she has to leave the village. But she dares to face every challenges posed by the male-dominated society. She proves that women are not inferior to men in any way.
Title Dobato
Production Banner Kshitiz Cine Arts
Director Dayaram Dahal
Producer Tanka Lamsal
Script Om Pratik
Cinematography Sambhu Sapkota
Music Sambhujeet Banskota
Cast Rajesh Hamal, Nikhil Uprety, Dinesh Sharma, Rekha Thapa, R.P. Panta, Dana Prakash Ghimire, Rojan Fuyal
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