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Nepali Cinema  
Typically a Nepali film has a larger-than-life story, broadly-defined characters, multiple song and dance sequences, mostly in exotic locales, fight sequences, and a victory and/or reunion (for the protagonist) in the end.

But this does not mean all Nepali films are crude montage of the so-called popular cinematic elements, are stereotypical, boring to watch or always predictable. Nor does it mean that all Nepali films have nonsensical stories with no relevance or relation to (Nepali) life. Watching Nepali films, even the popular ones, can be quite enjoyable. Also, many filmmakers have tried to make socially conscious films even within the popular genres.

But then there are other filmmakers with a different concern. They dislike making films with the esthetics same as or similar to Bollywood. They try to tackle serious subjects and go for a more realistic approach. Their films do not have the elements of popular genre. Thus, watching their films is altogether a different experience


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