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Daiba is a social film. In the film, there is Bhola whose father is killed when he is small. His step-uncle and aunt treat him inhumanly and hatch numerous conspiracies against him to snatch the property he has inherited from his father. When Bhola becomes young, they marry him to a seemingly-naive village girl, Durga. But Durga is a very clever and educated girl. She comes to know of the situation. She saves him from the every conspiracy hatched by them and in the end good wins over the evil.
Title Daiba
Production Banner Star Film Production
Director Dayaram Dahal
Producer Nagendra Ghimire
Script Suraj Subba
Cinematography Sambhu Sapkota
Music Sambhujeet Banskota
Cast Shree Krishna Shrestha, Jal Shah, Ashok Sharma, Arjun Shrestha, Gopal Bhutani
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