Nepal at a Glance
Though quite a small country, Nepal is beautiful and very rich in culture, bio-diversity and geography.     more..
 We Homes Chaps
Kesang Tseten's We Homes Chaps, featured as among highlights at the Margaret Mead International Film Festival, 2002.     more..
Nepal as a Shooting Spot  
Nepal, also known as the Switzerland of Asia, is not only beautiful with its snow-capped mountains, crystal-clear lakes, gushing rivers, rare variety of flora and fauna, myriad temples and stupas but equally exotic as well. It's a Shangri-La where people come with a hope of having a glimpse of Yeti, a mysterious abominable snow animal, or even in quest for nirvana or enlightenment. But at the same time it is a country where tradition and modernity intermingle with each other and peoples with diverse languages, religions and cultures co-exist.

Every year many documentary filmmakers come to Nepal to capture the rich cultural heritage and diversity with their cameras. Some even come just to capture the rare natural beauty and virgin locales of the land.

But even large-scale productions have been shot in Nepal. Films like The Little Buddha and The Golden Child have captured the glorious past, the diverse landscape, the rich cultural heritage and architectural splendor of the land. The Oscar-nominated Caravan, portraying fortitude of the people living amidst adverse natural conditions in Dolpo, a mountain district, has captured the majestic panorama of mountainous landscapes and lakes.

Besides this, numerous Bollywood films have been shot here, capturing the beautiful and exotic locales of the land. One major film Khudagawha, whose story was set in the acrid mountain deserts of Afghanistan, was shot in Nepal when it became impossible to continue shooting in Afghanistan. In 2001, 41 foreign films were shot in Nepal.
A few International movies shot in Nepal
Little Buddha, The Golden Child, The Wind Horse, Red Corner
Hare Ram Hare Krishna, Yudh, Khuda Gawah, Ghar Wali Bahar Wali, Mahan, Love in Nepal, Ek Hasina Ek Diwana, Bekabu
Bodhi Dharma, Qi Yuah
II Fiore Delle Mille e Una Notte, Caravan
The Conquest of Everest
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